World Class Universities’ in India and Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges


Developing world class universities (WCUs) in the county is now a conscious policy choice of the governments of even low and middle-income countries. To meet this objective, many countries have resorted to the path of selecting a few higher educational institutions and bestow resources and autonomy over them. Quite recently, the Indian Government has committed to develop “Institutions of Eminence” (IoEs)-Indian version of WCUs, by selecting ten public and ten private higher education institutions. Although, the Government is yet to concretize its policy pathways on IoEs but it is quite clear that India will soon have a few institutions, expected to break into the ranks of the top hundred to five hundred universities in the world in the next ten years. It is inevitable that the parameters of the ranking agencies will, therefore, anchor the priorities of these selected universities. With the rise of industry 4.0, the success of higher education institutions depends on their acceptability and adaptability to the new industrial and economic reality. This report will discuss the opportunities and challenges that the ‘World Class Universities ‘aspirants in India face in the context of Industry 4.0.