True Grit: Meeting Goals and Strengthening Relationships Amidst Institutional Change


Universities strive to be on the forefront of educational innovation- but innovation requires change, which is often met with resistance.   As institutions grapple with managing higher expectations for educational offerings and global experiences, the impact on international offices to support this change is immense and often left unaddressed. This session will provide a basic introduction to change management in the context of higher education and share case studies of how international offices have weathered significant institutional change, provide strategies for international offices and staff to enable and grow student mobility by embracing the opportunity to reflect, streamline processes and structures, and strategically adapt to innovations taking place within the University, and in the field of international education. Presenters will speak about teething problems encountered and taking advantage of the new opportunities that arise when structures change, as well as how to build ongoing cooperation and collaboration and strengthen relationships across the University during a period of change.