Supporting your University’s Culturally Diverse Community and Intercultural Competent Staff


More and more technological advances are being developed in order to aid institutions to successfully diversify their student population. This session will discuss different techniques of intercultural engagement and intercultural communication; focusing on supporting students before, during and after their time living abroad. Simply combining international and local students in one classroom does not automatically guarantee a successful culturally inclusive classroom. In this session, academic and non-academic staff working with students from diverse backgrounds explore and experience a number of strategies for inclusive teaching. Learning how to offer student services that support a learning community that respects and appreciates diversity. This session will also show how a physical and online ‘toolbox’ of activities will  be instrumental in supporting a mobile student population. Learning how a welcome home conference can ensure that students have the equipment and support available to enable them to benefit as much as possible from their time spent abroad. The tools and techniques explained in this session underline how three comprehensive research institutions developed their own successful
modalities of global engagement. The audience will learn new ways to adopt and implement these ideas as a strategy for continuing professional development of the international perspective.