Study in Europe – How to Do Successful Transnational Branding


Mobility patterns in Higher Education are changing. While the number of internationally mobile students is increasing constantly, new players arrive on the scene and competition is getting fiercer. Students may choose from an ever growing selection of study destinations.

Surveys show that students are sometimes attracted by a specific institution, more often however by a particular country. Looking from far away, individual countries may be less visible than we tend to believe. This is why in 2014 a consortium of European National Agencies launched the EC-funded „Study in Europe“ project. Students are being attracted towards Europe via a website (, education fairs and other marketing tools.

This session will start with a brief presentation of the main results of the project. Discussion with the participants will focus on the following questions: Does transnational branding make sense? In Europe, Asia or elsewhere? Is it just a tool to enhance the countries‘ visibility? Or is it meant to create a new brand based on the strenghts of an entire continent? Do countries gain in attractiveness when presented as part of a larger world region? How is regional branding connected to global engagement?