Students View from their Window Travelling along the Digital Freeway


Placing you in the driver’s seat on the digital freeway, you will experience first-hand what international students are seeing as they race toward their destination. As with any road trip, there are detours, attractions, and temptations that can change the course of direction. 
Technology is changing the way in which universities engage with potential students, nurture them to enrolment and support them through to a successful career outcome.
Segmenting universities along two dimensions: their Digital Marketing Capability and Internationalisation goals, will quickly identify where a university is positioned and the connections to the freeway that need to be improved. As an example, universities that have high recruitment targets are investing in technology platforms to improve efficiency of their marketing and recruitment efforts. In an increasingly competitive market for quality students, universities are using these tools to quickly identify hot prospects and engage with them early.
This session will focus on a segmentation model to identify where universities are positioned in their use of technology for student recruitment, the tools available and skills required and examples of how universities in the APAC region, at various stages of digital maturity, are leveraging them for success.