Student Mobility and the Impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution


The modern world is represented by rapidly changing technologies, where computers, personal devices, administrative systems, and social media are state of the art one day and obsolete the next. An essential question that is being asked, is how universities are being affected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the delivery of education will be transformed. Correspondingly, the concept and value of Student Mobility is challenged by the boundaries between the world-wide web and the physical experience. Further, the use of new technologies has been the driving force which has assisted and challenged the administration of student mobility opportunities. This presentation will provide insights and comparisons into how Australian universities are using technologies to promote and manage student mobility activities in a rapidly changing world. This timely discussion is suitable for student mobility practitioners and people interested in study abroad operations. The presenters will be sharing their ideas and participants will have an opportunity to consider factors such as the growth of student mobility, promotion, student selection, risk assessment, pre-departure, and best practice techniques. The audience will have an opportunity to contribute to these concepts and take away tangible processes for the management of student mobility programs.