Student Co-Creation for Graduate Capabilities


Value co-creation is a management and marketing strategy that helps guide organisations to integrate user resources including their experiences, preferences and opinions into the value propositions of their offerings. As higher education increasingly becomes concerned with student satisfaction and student engagement, value co-creation provides a useful framework for integrating student resources and improving the design, production and delivery of higher education activities and environments. 

However, value co-creation does not only benefit the activities of higher education (e.g. curriculum, research, marketing) it can also help prepare students to become work-ready graduates. As shown through a collection of case studies (n=10) situated in Australia, this presentation will discuss the student benefits of participating in value co-creation including critical thinking skills, teamwork, and leadership. The presentation will also highlight a model that higher education institutions can use for exploring and developing value co-creation strategies within their own institutions. And finally, the presentation will discuss how co-creation might be especially beneficial for international student-staff partnerships and collaboration.