Stop, Collaborate, Listen: Identifying Shared Goals in Partnerships and Mobility


Although International Strategies should provide a shared focus, Partnerships and Mobility teams within International Offices can often find themselves working separately or in some cases even in competition with each other. The session explores where the common threads are between these teams and how to achieve cohesive working practices by identifying shared goals. This session will be of use to those working in or leading a Partnerships or Mobility office particularly where the teams possibly located in different divisions.
The session consists of the following three sections and delivered in form of presentations and interactive discussions amongst participants facilitated by the presenters. 

"What does collaborative working look like?" Overview of what good practice looks like in the presenters' institution identifying areas where collaboration has been particularly effective. 
“What are the obstacles to collaborative working between these teams and how can we identify shared goals to overcome them?” Consideration of areas of tension and/or friction and a group brainstorm of how we can effectively and constructively address these obstacles.
“Develop a personal action plan” Working as a group, participants think about the things they want to STOP doing, those they want to CONTINUE doing and those they want to START doing.