Sharing Data for Successful Collaborations Across Institutions


How can institutions use their data to collaborate and enhance their outbound mobility strategies? 

In this session, we will share the successful journey experienced by 7 leading institutions from around the globe to effectively count and benchmark more than 10,000 international student experiences across institutions in order to improve their outbound mobility strategies. The presentation will provide a rare insight in the world’s largest mobility programs and how they are managed and promoted.  In this session, the presenters will outline the benchmark findings in the areas of student demographics, learning program types, access to student mobility programs, program management and funding and support to increase participation in learning abroad programs. Finally we will describe how sharing data will assist institutions to enhance their already successful strategies.

This session will be of value to delegates who have already had experience in promoting and managing study mobility and learning abroad programs and whose role it is to influence future policies and strategies in this area.