Session 7

28 March 2018, Wednesday, 1100 - 1230hrs

Please note that sessions are subject to change.

28 March 2018, Wednesday, 1100-1230hrs








Room 1

(1100-1145hrs) Collaborating with International Schools in Asia to Empower Future-ready Graduates

  • Speakers:
    Dr Sonny LIM
    Executive Director, East Asia & Pacific
    The College Board, New York, USA

    Dr Chip KIMBALL
    Singapore American School, Singapore

    Ms Johanna FISHBEIN
    Head of University Advising
    UWC South East Asia, Dover Campus, Singapore

(1145-1230hrs) Impacts of a Global Experiential Education on Employability

  • Speakers:
    Dr Rajika BHANDARI
    Head of Research, Policy and Practice
    Institute of International Education (IIE), USA

    Ms Kristin GREENE
    Head of Consulting
    Institute of International Education (IIE), USA

    Professor Paulin STRAUGHAN
    Dean of Students, Professor of Sociology (Practice)
    Singapore Management University, Singapore







Room 2

(1100-1145hrs) Rethinking Student Empowerment in Context of Thailand Education 4.0

  • Speakers:
    Dr Panadda UNYAPHO
    Director of International Affairs Office
    Bangkok University, Thailand

    Ms Jan DREW
    Director of the Global Student
    The Global Student @ JMD Consulting Limited, Malaysia

(1145-1230hrs) Can Short-Term Program Really Enhance Students' Employability?

  • Speakers:
    Dr Kazuko SUEMATSU
    Global Learning Center
    Tohoku University, Japan

    Dr Stephan JUNGBLUT
    Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, University of Paderborn, Germany

    Dr Vu Hoang Nam
    Office of International Affairs
    Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

28 March 2018, Wednesday, 1100-1230hrs








Room 3

(1100-1145hrs) Students View from their Window Travelling along the Digital Freeway

  • Speakers:
    Mr Julian LONGBOTTOM
    Director, Asia Pacific
    StudyPortals, Australia

    Mr Fabian MARRONE
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Monash University, Australia

    Mr George HERNANDEZ
    Digital and International Marketing Strategist
    Higher Education Consulting Group (HECG), Australia

(1145-1205hrs) Understanding Young People's Online Behaviour and International Education

  • Speaker:
    Dr Shanton CHANG
    Associate Professor
    University of Melbourne, Australia

(1210-1230hrs) How Technology is Shaping International Education

  • Speaker:
    Mr Mike HENNIGER
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing

28 March 2018, Wednesday, 1100-1230hrs








Room 4A

(1100-1145hrs) University Mobility Networks in Asia: What are They Good for?

  • Speakers:
    Professor Shingo ASHIZAWA
    Faculty of Global and Regional Studies
    Toyo University, Japan

    Dr Taiji HOTTA
    International Planning
    International Educational Division, International Center, Hiroshima University, Japan

    Dr Imran Ho ABDULLAH
    Professor Dr
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

(1145-1230hrs) Collaborative TNE in the Philippines: Creating Exemplars for International Engagement

  • Speaker:
    Miss Lotus POSTRADO
    Head of Education
    British Council Philippines

    Dr Fay Lea Patria LAURAYA
    Lead, Institutional Development and Innovation Grants, CHED K-12 Transition Program Management Unit
    Commission on Higher Education, Philippines

    Ms Teresa SANTOS
    Assistant to the Vice President for Global Affairs
    Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines










Room 4B

(1100-1145hrs) South – South University Cooperation: Perspectives of the Development

  • Speakers:
    Professor Maxim KHOMYAKOV
    Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    Professor José Celso FREIRE JUNIOR
    President / Associate Provost for International Education
    Brazilian Association for International Education - FAUBAI / Sao Paulo State University – UNESP, Brazil

    Professor Thomas Martin BUNTRU
    Director de Programas Internacionales
    Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

    Dr Nico Jooste
    Senior Director
    Nelson Mandela University

(1145-1230hrs) Managing International Education Programs under the Threat of Global Terrorism

  • Speakers:
    Mrs Burcu SARSILMAZ
    Director, Office of International Programs
    KOC University, Turkey

    Senior Director for Global Strategy, Education Abroad, and International Partnerships
    Binghamton University, USA

    Professor Hale ISIK-GULER
    Advisor to the Rector for International Engagement & Collaborations
    Middle East Technical University, Turkey