Session 5

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1600 - 1730hrs

Please note that sessions are subject to change.

 ​​​​​Overview of Session 5 (Printer-friendly version)

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1600-1730hrs

Simpor Junior 4912-4913

Dr Darla Deardorff
Executive Director
Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), USA

(1600-1645hrs) Impact of Disney International Program on Graduate Employment Outcomes

  • Speakers:
    Ms Bronwyn JENKINS-DEAS
    Associate Dean
    University of California, Riverside, USA

    Assoc Prof Eiko UJITANI
    Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan

    Assoc Prof David WILLIAMS
    Josai International University, Japan

(1645-1705hrs) Global Professional Training: A Professional Spin on Campus Internationalization

  • Speaker:
    Ms Thuy NGUYEN
    Program Coordinator
    The University of Texas at Austin, USA

(1710-1730hrs) The New Student Profile: The Future is Here

  • Speaker:
    Dr Fernando MATA CARRASCO 
    Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Mexico

Simpor Junior 4812-4813

Professor Nor Haniza Sarmin
UTM International, Malaysia

(1600-1645hrs) Developing Students’ Cross-Disciplinary Skills at the Time of Technological Change

  • Speaker:
    Dr Chih-Wei LUO
    Associate Vice President
    National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

    Asst Prof Rumi TOKUNAGA
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Chiba University, Japan

(1645-1705hrs) Global-readiness and Intercultural Development: Chinese STEM Students in Study Abroad

  • Speaker:
    Ms Tongle SUN
    PhD student
    Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

(1710-1730hrs) Empowering Future-ready Graduates the SUTD Way

  • Speaker:
    Dr Nachamma SOCKALINGAM
    Assistant Director
    Singapore University of Technology & Design, Singapore

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1600-1730hrs

Roselle Junior 4613

Prof Sunhyuk Kim
Vice President, Office of International Affairs
Korea University, South Korea

(1600-1645hrs) Artificial Intelligence - Changing the Face of International Student Recruitment

  • Speakers:
    Ms Sasha HAMPSON
    Pearson Education Australia

    Mr Fraser CARGILL
    EduWorld, Australia

(1645-1730hrs) Industry 4.0 is Not Scary! Internationalised Programs across the University

  • Speaker:
    Ms Carolyn CHONG
    Dean, Global Relations and Strategy
    Swinburne University of Technology. Australia

    Professor Monica KENNEDY
    Pro Vice-Chancellor International
    Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1600-1730hrs

Roselle Junior 4712-4713

Professor James Paul Holloway
Vice Provost for Global Engagement & Interdisciplinary Academic Affairs
University of Michigan, USA

(1600-1645hrs) Sustaining Partnerships at Scale: A US-China Case Study

  • Speakers:
    Dr Amy CONGER
    Assistant Vice Provost & Director of Global Engagement
    University of Michigan, USA

    Professor James Paul HOLLOWAY
    Vice Provost for Global Engagement & Interdisciplinary Academic Affairs
    University of Michigan, USA

    Professor Peisen HUANG
    University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, China

(1645-1730hrs) Competing on American Soil Exploring U.S. Student Recruitment for APAIE Universities

  • Speaker:
    Mr Clay HENSLEY
    Senior Director, International Higher Education Outreach
    The College Board, USA

    Ms Jasmine SEAH
    Senior Associate Director, Admissions & Financial Aid
    Yale-NUS College, Singapore

    Ms Sunny YANG
    Associate Vice-President, Student Recruitment and Admissions
    Monash University, Australia

Orchid Junior 4311-4312

Dr Robin Sakamoto
Dean Faculty of Foreign Studies
Kyorin University, Japan

(1600-1645hrs) A Paradigm Shift in Strategic Initiatives:The Globalization of Korean Universities

  • Speakers:
    Professor Chong Jin OH
    Dean of International Affairs
    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

(1645-1730hrs) Blended Learning in Mobility: Effective Program Delivery, Support and Assessment

  • Speakers:
    Dr Kirrilee HUGHES
    CEO & Partner Director
    AFS Intercultural Programs, Australia

    Ms Rebecca HALL
    Executive Director, International Education and Training
    Trade and Investment Queensland, Australia

    Ms Linda STUART
    Education and Training Specialist
    AFS Intercultural, USA

Orchid Junior 4211-4212

Ms Trine Sand
International Director
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

(1600-1645hrs) Beyond Words:  A Three Continent Perspective on Building Strategic Partnerships

  • Speakers:
    Ms Katherine BEAUMONT
    Senior Director, Global Learning
    University of Toronto, Canada 

    Ms Leonie PATRICK
    Director, Sydney Global Mobility
    University of Sydney, Australia

    Professor Rasmus FELDTHUSEN
    Professor of Law
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark

(1645-1730hrs) Next Generation Perspectives on Internationalisation: Siberia, Between Centre and Periphery

  • Speakers:
    Dr Douglas PROCTOR
    Director of International Affairs
    University College Dublin, Ireland

    Ms Dina UZHEGOVA
    PhD Candidate, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
    The University of Melbourne, Australia

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1600-1730hrs

Roselle Junior 4612

Professor Peng DU
Vice President
Renmin University, China

(1600-1620hrs) The Development and Challenges of Higher Education in China

  • Speaker:
    Professor Peng DU
    Vice President
    Renmin University of China, China

(1625-1645hrs) Some National Projects for Internationalization of Universities in Japan

  • Speaker:
    Professor Dr.-Ing. Shinnosuke OBI
    Dean of the International Center
    Keio University, Japan

(1650-1710hrs) The Impact of Demographic Transition on Higher Education in Korea

  • Speaker:
    Professor Ki-Jeong LEE
    Vice President, Office of International Affairs
    Hanyang University, Korea