Session 4

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1400 - 1530hrs

Please note that sessions are subject to change.

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1400-1530hrs






Room 1

(1400-1445hrs) "Embrace the future”; What Happens When the Future Doesn't Embrace Us?

  • Speakers:
    Mr Paul TURNER
    Head – East Asia
    Institute of International Education (IIE), USA

    Mrs Diana JAHJA
    Executive Director
    Indonesian International Education Foundation, Indonesia

    Head, IIE India
    Institute of International Education (IIE), India

(1445-1530hrs) Higher Education, Global Compatibility, and the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Speakers:
    Professor Byong-Kwon KIM
    Dean of Academic Affairs
    Y'sU (Youngsan University), South Korea

    Dr Guwuck WU
    Y'sU (Youngsan University), South Korea







Room 2

(1400-1445hrs) こんにちは?- Konnichiwa? Impacts of the Monolingual Mindset on Employability

  • Speakers:
    Mrs Anatoli (Natalie) AMANATIDIS
    Education Abroad Advisor
    University of Melbourne, Australia

    Ms Ruth O'HAGAN
    Assistant Director, New Colombo Plan Secretariat
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

(1445-1505hrs) Has Industrial Training Prepared Undergraduates Well for Employability?

  • Speaker:
    Dr Sheena KAUR
    Senior Lecturer/ Deputy Director
    University of Malaya, Malaysia

(1510-1530hrs) Empowering Future-Ready Graduates Through Malaysian Tropical Educational Experience Summer School

  • Speaker:
    Professor Nor Haniza SARMIN
    UTM International, Malaysia

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1400-1530hrs







Room 3A

(1400-1445hrs) Innovative Applications of Technology in International Education

  • Speakers:
    Professor Hsiu-Zu HO
    Associate Dean
    University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), USA

    Professor Bill CLABBY
    Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives
    St. Edward’s University, USA

    Mr Gordon SCHAEFFER
    Research Director
    University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), USA

(1445-1530hrs) Evaluation Refugees' Qualifications in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Speakers:
    Ms Marina MALGINA
    Head of Section
    NOKUT - Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education / Norwegian ENIC-NARIC, Norway

    Ms Ceren GENC
    Location Manager
    Study Group, The Netherlands

    Mr Herman DE LEEUW
    Secretary of the Gronningen Declaration Network
    Gronningen Declaration Network, The Netherlands

    Mrs Marybeth GRUENEWALD
    Director of Global Initiatives
    ECE, USA

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 1400-1530hrs





Room 3B

(1400-1530hrs) The Future of Regional Cooperation and Student Mobility

  • Speakers:
    Dr Victoria PANOVA
    Vice President for International Relations
    Far Eastern Federal University, Russia

    Mr Tomohiko HIKICHI
    Director of the Office for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship
    Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), Japan

    Dr Jaeho HWANG
    Dean of the Division of International Studies
    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), South Korea

    Professor Shingo ASHIZAWA
    Toyo University, Japan







Room 4A

(1400-1445hrs) Sharing Data for Successful Collaborations Across Institutions

  • Speakers:
    Mr Keri RAMIREZ
    Managing Director
    Studymove, Australia

    Mr Gianluca SAMSA
    Associate Director for Education Abroad
    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), Italy

    Dr Davina POTTS
    Associate Director (Global Leadership and Employability)
    University of Melbourne, Australia

(1445-1530hrs) International Recruitment and Admissions for EMIs in Non-English Speaking Contexts

  • Speakers:
    Dr George T. SIPOS
    Senior International Officer
    SUNY College at Brockport, USA

    Ms Dora LONGONI
    Head of International Projects Service
    Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

    Dr Yukiko ISHIKURA
    Osaka University, Japan









Room 4B

(1400-1445hrs) Micro-Campuses: A New Model for Transnational Education?

  • Speakers:
    Mr Brent WHITE
    Vice Provost, International Education
    University of Arizona, USA

    Ms Hillary VANCE
    Director, UA Phnom Penh / Director, Southeast Asia Programs
    University of Arizona, USA

    Ms Sowmya GHOSH
    PhD Candidate and Researcher
    University of Arizona, USA

(1445-1530hrs) The Consortium Approach: Utilising Networks for Student Mobility Success

  • Speakers:
    Ms Samantha AMBRIDGE
    International Partnerships & Recruitment Executive
    CQ University, Australia

    Mr Nicholas BOOKER
    CEO & Co-Founder
    IndoGenius, India

    Director, QUT Global
    Queensland University of Technology, Australia