Session 2

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 0900 - 1030hrs

Please note that sessions are subject to change.

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 0900-1030hrs








Room 1

(0900-0945hrs) Developing Skills of Exchange Students through Engaging Global Student Communities

  • Speakers:
    Mr Guido DE WILDE
    Coordinator Global Programmes
    University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Ms Shauna HUGHES
    Assistant Director Global Relations and Partnerships
    University College Dublin, Ireland

    Mrs Benita HO
    Manager, Experiential Learning
    University of Melbourne, Australia


(0945-1005hrs) Distinctive Pedagogy of Liberal Arts in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Speaker:
    Dr Nancy GLEASON
    Yale-NUS College, Singapore


(1010-1030hrs) Work Integrated Learning, Entrepreneurship and Global Engagement

  • Speaker:
    Professor Michael TARRANT
    University of Georgia, USA









Room 2

(0900-0945hrs) Leveraging Resources to Develop Impactful Academic Programs

  • Speaker:
    Mrs Angela ZHAO
    Senior Project Manager
    Arizona State University, USA

    Dr Shijing YAN
    Vice President
    Sichuan University, China

    Dr Isabella KAM
    Vice President
    WooSong University, South Korea


(0945-1005hrs) Empowering Future-Ready Graduates by Developing Trilingual Global Leaders

  • Speaker:
    Dr Robin SAKAMOTO
    Dean Faculty of Foreign Studies
    Kyorin University, Japan


(1010-1030hrs) Enhancing Graduates’ Capacity for Critical Thought/Reflection through International Opportunities

  • Speaker:
    Professor Bairbre REDMOND
    Universitas21, Ireland




Room 5

(0945-1005hrs) Student Co-Creation for Graduate Capabilities

  • Speaker:
    Ms Mollie DOLLINGER
    PhD Candidate
    University of Melbourne, Australia

(1010-1030hrs) Instilling GRIT in Future Beings for the Fourth Industrial Gr-Evolution

  • Speaker:
    Dr Adelina ASMAWI
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Malaya, Malaysia

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 0900-1030hrs










Room 3A

(0900-0945hrs) Preparing for a New World of Student Mobility with Technology

  • Speakers:
    Dr Rahul CHOUDAHA
    Executive Vice President
    StudyPortals, USA

    Mr Oliver FORTESCUE
    International Director
    CQ University, Australia

    Ms Trine SAND
    International Director
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark


(0945-1030hrs) The Power of Peer Advising: Innovative Programming with Maximum Results

  • Speaker:
    Dr Kara INMAN
    Director of Education Abroad
    University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA

    Mr Peter LI
    Director, International Office
    Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

    Director, QUT Global
    Queensland University of Technology, Australia

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 0900-1030hrs








Room 4A

(0900-0945hrs) First Year Spring Admits:  A Cohort for Outbound Mobility

  • Speakers:
    Mr Michael WILHELM
    Associate Vice Chancellor
    University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA

    Dr Kathryn SEGESSER
    International Officer for Short-Term Programmes
    National University of Maynooth, Ireland

    Ms Katrena HENDERSON
    Assistant Director, Education Abroad
    University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA


(0945-1030hrs) Innovating Long-Term Strategic Multilateral Partnership: Cases from 6 Asian Countries

  • Speakers:
    Professor Vincent Ru-Chu SHIH
    Dean, Office of International Affairs
    National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

    Professor Pei-wha CHI LEE
    Dean for International Affairs
    Tamkang University, Taiwan

    Professor Sheng-Ta HSIEH
    Dean for Research and Development
    Oriental Institute of Technology, Taiwan








Room 4B

(0900-0945hrs) Stop, Collaborate, Listen: Identifying Shared Goals in Partnerships and Mobility

  • Speakers:
    Ms Beverley ORR-EWING
    Head of Global Opportunities, International Office, Directorate of External Relations
    University of Bristol, UK

    Ms Lorna CUCKOW
    Head of International Partnerships & Relations, International Office, Directorate of External Relations
    University of Bristol, UK

(0945-1005hrs) Trends in International Student Mobility to 2027

  • Speakers:
    Ms Zainab MALIK
    Research Director
    British Council Education Intelligence, Hong Kong

(1010-1030hrs) Asia Rising, New Findings in Supply and Demand

  • Speakers:
    Mr Bertrand LABORDE
    StudyPortals, Netherlands

Room 5

(0900-0920hrs) Metropolis at Capacity: Advancing International Education Outside Major Urban Centres

  • Speaker:
    Mr Colin DOERR
    Director, External Relations
    British Columbia Council for International Education, Canada

(0925-0945) Putting Colonial Legacy into New-type of Collaborations in Globalizing Era

  • Speaker:
    Professor Yujin YAGUCHI
    Professor, Center for International Exchange, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
    The University of Tokyo, Japan

27 March 2018, Tuesday, 0900-1030hrs







Room 3B

(0900-0920hrs) International Research Collaboration between Universities in Malaysia and South-East-Asia Countries

  • Speaker:
    Professor Nordin YAHAYA
    Pro Vice Chancellor (International)
    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

(0945-1005hrs) Developing a Research-Led International Engagement Strategy

  • Speaker:
    Mr Alexander PAGE
    Senior International Relations Officer
    Imperial College London, UK


(1010-1030hrs) Rethinking How we Research the “International Student Experience”

  • Speaker:
    Dr Tang HENG
    Assistant Professor
    Nanyang Technological University-National Institute of Education, Singapore