Rethinking Student Empowerment in Context of Thailand Education 4.0


In response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is the role and responsibility of higher education institutions to prepare its graduates to be ready for their future. This presentation highlights Thailand’s new economic model known as Thailand 4.0, which is an economic development model that aims to transform the country’s economy toward a value-based economy driven by innovation and how it has been widely adopted across all sectors, including educational institutions, and how Thailand is preparing the graduates of the 21st century for the digital economy. Specifically, in response to the new education policy known as Education 4.0., this presentation focuses on how, at one university, creativity, entrepreneurship, and internationalization are used as platforms to equip the students with necessary skill sets and knowledge. Details of selected collaborative student development and empowerment activities with international partners and alliances in ASEAN and Asia Pacific are reported, namely, Asia Summer Program (ASP), UMAP Super Short Term Program and UMAP Discovery Camp, Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE), and Student Communal Development Camp and Student International Experience Trip.
Keywords: Thailand 4.0, Education 4.0, Global Citizenship Education, Internationalization, Student Empowerment