Putting Colonial Legacy into New-type of Collaborations in Globalizing Era


Seoul National University, National Taiwan University, and the University of Tokyo at least partially share colonial legacy of former “Imperial University” of Japan. These three universities have functioned as a flagship university in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan and showed unique development in post-war history. In recent years, however, three universities have come to utilize common historical legacy to promote more exchanges at different levels; individual lab level, department level, school level, as well as university level.  Other than international university alliance like APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) or AEARU (The Association of East Asian Research Universities), these three universities have come to nurture new concept of “global strategic partnership” to accommodate different types of collaboration including management of joint summer/winter programs, hosting joint seminars and conferences (including graduate conference), exchange of students at different levels, utilizing alumni association as a facilitator of globalization of education, co-hosting study abroad fair, and so on. 
In this panel, speakers from each university will describe and explain how each of them has been mobilizing/utilizing/modifying its historical legacy to promote more exchanges among them in this globalizing era.