Preparing for a New World of Student Mobility with Technology


Klaus Schwab, argued that the Fourth Revolution is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another and adapting to this dramatic change will expect us to collaborate across geographies, sectors and disciplines.

International education professionals are at the forefront of creating opportunities for their students by enhancing mobility of students around the world. However, the increasing competition for talent, resources, and reputation is demanding innovation and collaboration for achieving strategic goals. 

In this context, technology provides an opportunity to not only expand mobility with current models but also experiment with new models. It also provides contextual data and insights that can help institutions enhance the impact of their strategies. Technology can also create new approaches of cross-border partnerships and accelerate the pace of student mobility. 

The purpose of this session is to inform and inspire participants to explore the potential of innovative technology in designing and achieving international mobility within and from Asia-Pacific region. In specific, participants will identify tools, approaches and resources to effectively use technology and partnerships. Participants will also discuss and develop an action plan of spotting opportunities, sharing experiences and designing priorities in their institutional context.