The Power of Peer Advising: Innovative Programming with Maximum Results


A well-structured, innovative peer advising or ambassador program can serve as an immeasurable asset in the recruitment and advising of education abroad participants and in creating meaningful cultural interactions for incoming international students.  Additionally, advances in the prevalence and accessibility of web technology and social media have changed the ways in which students interact and communicate, creating opportunities for utilization of these resources within a peer advising or peer ambassador program.  Representatives from universities in three different continents will share the ways in which they have created and implemented programs that connect education abroad returnees with incoming international students and with outgoing education abroad participants in meaningful ways.

This presentation will describe the benefits for both the student participants and the institution, while also discussing best practices in development and administration of these types of programs.  This presentation also highlights innovative ideas related to utilization of peer advisors and ambassadors, as well as effective uses of technology and social networking resources for maximization of your peer advising or ambassadorial program.