Politics, Internationalization and Preparing Students for the New World


This session will be delivered as a ‘closed’ break-out event at the conference, including approximately 25 participants. Led by two chairpersons, the participants (sitting at 5 round tables) would be asked to discuss the following questions:  
• How influential are national and global level politics on the internationalisation of higher education activities at your institution / in your country?
• How do you respond to political influences that impact your work in international education?
• What are the wider implications to the practice of internationalisation of higher education regarding the current political climate? 
• How do and why must universities prepare future-ready graduates who are able to negotiate the complex landscape ahead – in terms of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - the hallmarks of the new world?
A representative from each table would then be asked to note down their feedback, and then share their table’s perspectives with the group.  
These questions are highly relevant and applicable to current socio-economic changes currently taking place in many world regions. In addition, this session will fit into the EAIE’s wider programme of work, focused on promoting global dialogue on the impact that politics and political changes, have had on the development and delivery of internationalisation.