A Paradigm Shift in Strategic Initiatives:The Globalization of Korean Universities


In light of the fourth industrial revolution, strategic planning in internationalization is needed more than ever. Initiatives must adapt to the changes in global trends regarding internationalization and global exchange. This presentation focuses on the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on international student mobility in Korean universities. Korean universities are breaking down borders between academic disciplines; students will have more flexibility in designing his or her curriculum including customized or inter-disciplinary majors, and benefit more from industry-university collaborations and internships. These changes in educational structure respond to student interests but pose an added challenge. Customizing traditional exchange programs is necessary and short-term programs and summer and winter sessions become more viable options for student exchange. While this also is in line with the general trend in international student mobility, ensuring mutually beneficial programs for international partners in this changing context requires a paradigm shift in strategic planning. Customizing existing programs starts with building consensus regarding the goal of internationalization. Gaining faculty cooperation is crucial in co-creating curricular offerings with international partners. This presentation will provide a forum to explore strategies for building international partnerships and share best practices in designing innovative international exchange programs.