Next Generation Perspectives on Internationalisation: Siberia, Between Centre and Periphery


The internationalisation of higher education is generally seen as a Western construct, centred on North America, Europe and the English-speaking countries of the South Pacific. However, as witnessed by the APAIE conference itself, global engagement and mobility reach well beyond these countries. This session will highlight the case of Siberia, on the periphery of the Russian state in terms of geography, but central to the Asia-Pacific. Building on a chapter in a forthcoming Routledge "Internationalization in Higher Education" book, this session will outline the factors affecting internationalisation in Siberian universities by exploring the complexity of their relations with the Asia-Pacific region and the Russian state. Located in the periphery of their country, Siberian higher education institutions are at a disadvantage in comparison with other institutions in Russia. Nationally, their status is diminished by their geographic location; however, opportunities exist for them to establish their position in the international higher education space by virtue of their Asia-Pacific location. This session will highlight that the internationalisation of higher education institutions does not depend exclusively on institutional strategy and resources, but also on inherited factors such as geographic location, history, economy, culture, and tradition.