The New Student Profile: The Future is Here


The fourth industrial revolution has undoubtedly had a beneficial impact on society and the environment, it seems that new generations, such as Millennials, know the importance of preparing themselves to compete in a global technology market.
Mexican students, in recent years, have demanded that universities and colleges include innovative subjects and projects that allow them to develop their capacity for innovation and creativity to the fullest. 
To us as managers, teachers, and administrators of theses universities and colleges we must ask ourselves the following: How have universities responded to these new demands of students? Are the mission and vision of our university linked to the new competencies of the fourth industrial revolution?
On the other hand, we need to consider, what are our students doing to compete globally? If we do not know the answer, we need to change what we are doing and push our students to innovate and create their own future.
In Mexico, students have excelled in their creativity and innovation, achieving great projects of social and environmental impact, especially in vulnerable communities, such as blue-gloves project, a device capable of handling calls and messages through gloves, thus avoiding traffic accidents due to distractions caused by the cellphones.