Micro-Campuses: A New Model for Transnational Education?


The University of Arizona has launched a global network of micro-campuses.  This session examines the effectiveness of micro-campuses in delivering transnational education, promoting global research, and fostering internationalization.  It will interest administrators, faculty, and researchers. The University of Arizona micro-campus model has, so far, been launched in China and Cambodia, with plans to expand in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. This session covers the following topics:

1. The Micro Campus Model: What it is? How Does It Work? 

2. Implementation and Delivery of the Model: Practical realities of micro-campus implementation and delivery, working with students and partners on site, challenges and successes of the model, contextualized delivery in multiple countries.

3. The Research Based Approach: There is an important and crucial partnership between the administrative unit and the home university’s faculty researchers to continually assess, develop, and refine micro-campus programs. This section focuses on how faculty researchers can help their institutions build on research from existing and previous Transnational Higher Education models to implement successful collaborations.