Metropolis at Capacity: Advancing International Education Outside Major Urban Centres


Vancouver, Canada is consistently ranked in the top five cities in the world in terms of livability and quality of life. The largest city in British Columbia (BC), it is an innovation hub and Canada’s premier destination for international students, immigration and talent. Of BC’s population of 4.4 million, over 2 million reside in Metro Vancouver.
While Metro Vancouver sees IE as a virtuous cycle of growth and re-investment, this is not the case in Northern BC, with 70% of the province’s land mass and 8% of its population and where jurisdictions cannot afford to engage and perpetually do not realize growth or the ability to re/invest in IE.

BCCIE is leading projects to connect talent and drive change into Northern communities through pushing IE from Metro Vancouver to the North. We are working to ensure that all stakeholders – First Nations, communities, industry, local and regional government and education – are engaged in consultations for and delivery of the project.
This presentation will detail the context, rationale and steps for intervention in the North and highlight the importance and challenges of sharing IE out from major conurbations and into rural communities and institutions.