Leveraging Resources to Develop Impactful Academic Programs


Globalization increasingly demand our graduates to be ready for a competitive, global workforce. As the fabricators for the next generation of world leaders, higher education institutions are challenged to empower graduates with tools and knowledge beyond their own borders. They are also tasked to create degree programs that combines discipline-specific skills with broader industry knowledge. In order to provide the best learning experience that will allow our graduates to thrive in the future markets, institutions are looking to their overseas partners to endow global intelligence to transform local classrooms. This mission has became imperative to business schools at Sichuan University, Arizona State University and WooSong University. Through innovative, strategic partnership, the three top business schools have formed the "Global Business" degree program for Masters students. This co-developed program aims to offer students with location based learning experiences combined with cultural and language knowledge to promote global understanding in various areas of Business. 
They are teaming up to present a co-designed session and share case studies to demonstrate how to combine resources to deliver high impact programs to induce cultural competency and academic excellence in the next generation of world business leaders.