Learning by Doing: Empowering Future-Ready Graduates


Working, living, and learning in the 21st century will require an expanded set of skills, competencies, and flexibilities. However, traditional engineering learning is teacher-centered rather than learner-centered and leaves students without hands-on experience, engagement with the course material, or opportunities for knowledge construction. Instead, engineering education should be active, inquiry-based, hands-on, and engaging. It takes good efforts to create the right balance—between learning the facts and principles, and coming up with new solutions to problems and creative answers to questions. The two presentations organized in the session will contribute to how learning by doing through the conceptual framework of Industry 4.0 would empower the students in a way to enhance discussion and understanding of why particular models are adopted or how they might be applied to practical problems. The target audience include international education policy-makers, practitioners and experts from universities and related organizations. By sharing the processes and lessons learned from the two examples, interactions between the presenters and the audience are encouraged and the value of engaged education will be promoted.