International Research Collaboration between Universities in Malaysia and South-East-Asia Countries


This presentation attempts to report on recent development of international research collaboration between Malaysia universities and their partners in South East Asian countries.  Previously, there have been many reports on international collaboration between universities in Malaysia and their counterparts in Europe, North America and recently with Japan and South Korea. However, recent development in ASEAN has shown growing evidence that more strategic partnerships have been formed and more research collaboration are happening in this region. The formation of research universities in Malaysia since 2007 and similar government-supported projects for universities in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia has enhanced the rate of the progress. Recently formed initial collaborative work in facing the advancement of IR4.0 will also be shared. Specific case-study for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) will be made. This presentation will highlight some key data on the joint-research projects, project-based alliances, joint publication and intra-region student mobility between Malaysia and South East Asian countries.  Some key impacts of these collaborations will be summarized.