International Recruitment and Admissions for EMIs in Non-English Speaking Contexts


As higher education internationalization is progressing at a rapid pace all over the world, mere management directives are no longer enough to solve problems that higher education administrators face in the process of designing and implementing campus internationalization plans. 

The first interaction of English-speaking international students with a HEI is the recruitment and admissions team, and that first impression is crucial in establishing a relationship that may or may not lead in the end to the desire outcome: enrollment. In the face of the harsh competition in the international student recruitment market, and the often-overlooked local shortage of qualified higher education staff prepared to face that competition, this session proposes a discussion on the topic of international recruitment and admissions for English medium colleges and universities established within non-English speaking campuses and/or in non-English speaking countries. 

The three presentations in the session will focus on case studies from Japan and Italy, detailing international recruitment solutions for undergraduate and graduate recruitment, as well as international admissions. The discussion will be open for attendees to actively engage with challenges and solutions at their own organizations, and potential ways to create competitive models for recruitment and admissions for EMIs in non-English speaking contexts.