International Partnership Assessment Rating Index (IPARI)


A core element of university advancement and work is building, cultivating and maintaining relationships with other organizations that help both expand networks and increase impact. All universities have a certain number of these international partnerships in place, but are they strategically evaluating and prioritizing those that best meet their objectives? “ The University of Calgary has developed a unique ranking system to evaluate the University partnerships to advance the international goals and vision. The International Partnership Assessment Rating Index, or IPARI, helps to assess existing university partnerships, identify top partners in each country, develop strategic partnerships, and decide whether to re-engage a stalled partnership, or eliminate it. IPARI uses a points system to assess partnerships in three categories: academic programs and collaborations, mobility programs and research collaborations and impact.. Within each of these categories are rubrics to determine points assigned — for example, annual number of students participating, balance of exchange students, active faculty and staff exchange, and joint publications in the past three years or active connections to research themes. The rubrics were determined through consultation with the senior executive leaders, faculty associate deans and International Office staff to ensure a comprehensive system.