International Education and Empowering Future Ready Graduates: Human Skills amid a Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technology and globalization continue to change the way we work.  Today’s graduates will need educational depth and enduring skills to thrive in a challenging future.  The session will highlight skills and insights gained from international education and their applicability to workforce development as the “fourth industrial revolution” unfolds.   Creating the globally prepared workforce must include inculcating the habits of mind that allow tomorrow’s employees to not only to find their first job, but to adapt to find their second, third, or fifth, or career-culminating position. Even as research documents more clearly the skills gained from international education, it is already evident that businesses and the economy benefit from well-educated graduates who have honed relevant skills.  Among the outcomes include familiarity or knowledge of a place, ability to manage ambiguity, complexity or the unknown, and language facility.  These are human skills that could help graduates as they navigate their futures.