Instilling GRIT in Future Beings for the Fourth Industrial Gr-Evolution


Scholars and industrial folks alike have been discussing the diminishing place-based education where focus is on interneting of things, where not only the sky has clouds but also mobile applications – which time and again have been said to expand beyond national and physical boundaries – to create exponential growth in accessible education for all.
Many have also insisted on medicating the digitization of learning with face to face interaction to ensure planned disruptions in learning . In Malaysia, ideas have been thrown on inequality faced by marginalized families, global identity, risk in security, reduced public financial support for universities, and new age leadership skills to prepare for the rush in revolution. What has not been mulled over sufficiently, though, is how much GRIT is crucial in developing future-ready graduates. How is this done? Why? What for? The paper throws light on the matter with poignant, real cases and sets a slightly different tone, more humanistic in nature, in response to the speed at which the fourth industrial revolution is moving to gr-evolutionize higher education.