Innovative Faculty Engagement in Internationalization


This panel focuses on innovative faculty initiatives from three institutions that illustrate the key role of faculty members in promoting global engagement and student mobility. Through the University of California Education Abroad Program’s (UCEAP) Departmental Academic Integration Grants Program, faculty are engaged in curricular integration efforts via innovative grants to enhance student mobility, including the utilization of degree audit data tools that promote course credit pre-approvals for academic majors. At the Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan University’s Plus Academy, faculty participate in short-term studies for international students. These programs, offered year round, provide a wide curricular spectrum across the disciplines. One of the unique programs, “Research, Laboratory, & Internship” allows students to work independently with a chosen professor to extend their proposed research to real-world applications. At the University of Sydney, priority partnership funding schemes provide competitive funding for joint research projects and teaching initiatives with Sydney’s partner universities. In the first year of operation, more than $500,000 in funding has been provided for 40 projects involving 110 researchers. Discussion on the ways that these innovations enhance global engagement and mobility will pervade across the three presentations.