An Innovative Co-curricular Program to Thrive in the 21st Century


Our world is going through a time of disruptive and unprecedented change. Complex and interrelated problems that our society faces in the 21st century require a new collective kind of leadership to collaborate across disciplines, departments and organizations to develop creative and systemic solutions. This collective leadership capacity should be built through the work of young change-makers, equipped with the skills to disrupt existing systems and design adaptive institutions in order to create a just and sustainable world.

This session presents a co-curricular change-making program that is meant to complement the academic course of study with its “hands-on” approach to building global competence and awareness through activities such as seminars, speaker series, experiential learning activities, study abroad opportunities, professional skill development with global businesses and organizations, service learning, and participation in activities that broaden global perspectives. The comprehensive program aims to enable students to acquire global competence and to develop personal and professional skills to thrive in a 21st century world.