Innovative Applications of Technology in International Education


With the current array of advanced technology tools available, international education professionals can utilize various applications and platforms to enhance their institution’s internationalization efforts. In line with the conference theme of “Technological Advances Impacting Internationalization in Higher Education,” this session will introduce a variety of technology applications that promote international collaborations. One presentation from a large university system (University of California Education Abroad Program) will introduce a number of data-driven tools (using online environments such as Caspio and Tableau) that can be helpful to promote study abroad access and participation planning (e.g., data on enrollment, student demographics, discipline and destination, reciprocal exchange, cost comparison data, course credit, and program evaluations). A second presentation from St. Edward’s University institution will share best practices and lessons learned in the use of Global Digital Classrooms, and a cohesive support structure to enhance teaching and learning pedagogies for international classroom connectivity and interactions.  St. Edward’s University has 65 Global Digital Classrooms, as well as an open portal located in a busy lobby and makes use of them for connected classes, global guest speakers, student collaborative projects, and interactive events of various types. Other technology applications to meet institutional needs will be discussed.