Innovation in Global Engagement: What Works, What Doesn’t


In an environment of change and complexity, innovation was identified as the top priority by global CEOs responding to a survey of conducted by PwC. If innovation is defined as a process of creating value within constraints, then higher education institutions aiming to internationalize face several constraints. This includes changing student demands, decreasing budgets, increasing competition and widening societal inequities. This is where infusing innovation in global engagement strategies can have far reaching impact in differentiating and shaping the future of an institution. 

This interactive session aims to discuss a range of innovative strategies and models that advance global engagement with a focus on what works and what doesn’t. The session is designed for international educators involved in prioritizing resources and developing internationalization strategies. 

The session will be presented in three interactive parts. First, present the role of innovation in the Fourth Revolution and its implications for international education professionals. Second, discuss diverse approaches of defining and adopting innovative approaches of global engagement strategies. Finally, involve audience to reflect on their experiences and ask questions with the panel.