Innovating Long-Term Strategic Multilateral Partnership: Cases from 6 Asian Countries


Multilateral collaboration is an upcoming trend in international education. Such collaboration can be beneficial but complicated to implement and administer. To provide innovative thinking in multilateral collaboration, FICHET called for the best-practice cases in Taiwan, and three best cases among 150 were selected by a committee of experienced professionals. This session showcases three awarded universities on how they keep innovating their programs while sustaining a long-term strategic partnership and features a moderated discussion on strategy, challenges, and innovation issues. Participants will learn three cases across six countries: Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan and Korea. The first case focuses on the ten-year administration of project-based exchange and internship programs with Kasetsart University in Thailand that demonstrates a deepened exchange between talents, knowledge and technology transfer. The second case focuses on the ten-year academia-industry career development programs with industries in Malaysia and China and shares experiences on the establishment of industrial colleges to provide talent education courses. The third case focuses on a short-term collaborative program across Taiwan, Japan and Korea that helps students develop intercultural and global perspectives.