Indonesia: Building Capacity through Technology and Innovation


Education is usually thought of as both the means and the end, of a nation’s development. Indonesia is more than ever facing the necessity of developing its workforce to ensure the continuing development of the fast growing nation, especially in the light of new technologies and their impact on employment. This is where higher education is expected to play a huge role by equipping graduates to be valuable in the market, especially as the number of students entering higher education is expected to double by 2030.

The Ministry of Higher Education (RISTEDIKTI) supports 2 strategic objectives of the 2015-2019 national development plan: quality of human resources and welfare of people through Education and Health, and Inclusive and sustainable economic development through science, technology and innovation.

This presentation will highlight some of the national initiatives covering capacity building; research development; also entrepreneurship and innovation, focus on technology and digitalization, and connectivity. It will look at the issues in the implementation of the initiatives and its implications on society as a whole.