Impact of Disney International Program on Graduate Employment Outcomes


In order to prepare students to engage effectively and be more competitive in a globalized world, institutions of higher learning look for ways to help develop students’ global competency skills. International cooperation in higher education and the development of innovative study and internship opportunities abroad is the most effective way to impact students future lives in terms of employment, life skills and global understanding.
This presentation will describe the successful international collaboration between a US university and 2 Japanese universities, that provides Japanese students with a unique 6-month academic internship experience at Walt Disney World in Florida, leading to a certificate in Hospitality Management.  The hospitality industry is being transformed by new technologies to enhance efficiency and create a superior guest experience. The opportunity to experience this transformation with Disney, the preeminent leader in the hospitality industry, helps position the students and distinguish themselves in their career path. The presentation will discuss how new technologies are incorporated into the students’ academic program and at their work site and how these new technologies have helped develop other global competencies such as critical thinking, creative problem solving and cross-cultural communication skills.