Entrepreneurship and Higher Education; Creating the Future Ready Graduate


Through providing global and experiential learning, higher education institutions can create students who are more self-reliant; equipping them with practical skills and experience needed to successfully launch entrepreneurial activities and/or contribute to those of others. The MasterCard Foundation funded a demonstrator grant supporting youth and higher education institutions in emerging economy countries with the aim to expand participants knowledge, skills and experience of entrepreneurship, social engagement and personal effectiveness. The Initiative sought to empower future-ready, transformative leaders ready to thrive in creating economic opportunities for themselves and contribute to the world around them.
YEPI has been rolled out with partners in eight countries reaching almost 20,000 youth engaged in 13 universities. This non-prescriptive program allowed partners to shape their interventions to best support their learners, objectives and environments. What joined these varying programs together was that the sole focus was not just about the output of an entrepreneurial ventures, but also the focuses on developing the individual on their intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial journey.
We will look at case studies from the Initiative highlighting the effect of experiential learning in shaping their graduates and the sustainability of interventions like this.