Empowering Future-ready Graduates the SUTD Way


Empowering future ready graduates is one of the top most agenda for higher educational institutions. According to the World Economic Forum (2016), “the Fourth Industrial Revolution will cause widespread disruptions in the coming five years to not just businesses and their operation but also the labor markets, demanding relevant skills, in particular soft skills such us resilience, curiosity, adaptability, insight, empathy, emotional sensing, entrepreneurial thinking, pursuing convictions and vision (CFG future-ready index). In this parallel session, we will share how one of the youngest universities in Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), has envisioned and innovated its undergraduate curricula to help its students be future-ready. Striving to be global, transformative, and cutting-edge, SUTD has designed a multi-pronged approach. This includes instilling a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects, coupled with humanities and social sciences, and teaching and learning of non-traditional and futuristic courses in pillar years, taught using student-centered,  technology enabled active learning pedagogies, set in real-life, authentic learning contexts, requiring students to engage in experiential learning using SUTD’s Big-D design thinking framework. This session will provide insights into designing such transformative undergraduate experiences as well as lessons learnt to prepare future-ready graduates.