"Embrace the future”; What Happens When the Future Doesn't Embrace Us?


We all face a potential multitude of different futures, none of which are easy to embrace, let alone control. Even those with the clearest visions of their own and society’s future can be wrong footed by unpredictable advances in technology, sudden social change and economic vicissitudes.

However IIE does have clear evidence and experience indicating even the most disadvantaged; those who endure a tumultuous present, can be equipped by universities and wider university communities such as alumni groups to better handle whatever the future brings. The results from our Ford Foundation International Fellowship tracking survey show the ways even nontraditional students can be empowered by formal and informal experiential learning such that the future offers them hope rather than fear. Other programs delivered by IIE show how modest investment in scholarship (in its widest sense) can stimulate change that can ‘future proof’ communities and societies. We would like to share some of the inspiring individual stories and the encouraging trends we have uncovered with the APAIE conference.

Whether the future embraces us or just tries to trip us up, we can face it with confidence.