Distinctive Pedagogy of Liberal Arts in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


This panel will share ideas and lessons learned on the experience of bringing liberal arts education to Singapore in the Yale-NUS College experience. The presentation speaks to the need for developing curriculum that speak to the needs of the automation economy and how best to prepare creative thinkers that can adapt to a fast changing society. The target audience is those who want to adept similar programs inside their own institutions, those who want to provide philanthropic support to such programs, and those wanted to build their liberal arts colleges in Singapore with the goal of creating future ready graduates.
• Participants will gain insight about the construction and experience of creating Yale-NUS College, one of the first liberal arts colleges in Asia. Participants will learn about the ethos in design of the college, about what has worked well thus far, and what elements of the effort might be duplicable in whole or in part at their home institutions if they are academics, and what is best to support if you are an industry representative. Importantly, industry representatives will get a better understanding of the types of future employees a liberal arts education intends to create.