Developing Skills of Exchange Students through Engaging Global Student Communities


This session examines new modalities in global engagement aimed at building a global student community. University staff members involved in managing student communities and activities (eg. peer mentors, peer exchange advisers, buddy or ambassador programmes) will learn to add value to an exchange programme by empowering students to develop social, professional, and intercultural skills and becoming future-ready graduates. The university plays an important role in helping their students transcend the academic experience and improve student involvement on campus, promote cultural integration and form strategic partnerships. Three comprehensive research universities shed their light on developing social, professional, and intercultural competences of inbound and outbound exchange students by creating different student bodies and student activities in a global student community. In an interactive, fast paced, and visual presentation each university will highlight a unique approach on engaging global student communities focusing on the need and purpose of the student community, the resources needed to set up and manage the community, and the impact it has on student performance. The audience will explore a wide array of strategies incorporating leadership and volunteering activities as a key part of their global experience; creating a bond between the student, the university and their global environment.