Credit Precedent Pathways: Study Of Governance, Quality Assurance And Marketing


With the continued increase in cross border flows of international students in the past two decades, it is important that the international education sector ensures that the relationships that occur within and across particular pathway frameworks provide clarity, ensure equivalency and demonstrate consistency for all stakeholders engaged in the process. This paper focusses on the example of credit precedents to emphasise the importance of having an educational process that has governance measures and relationship mapping in place to function effectively across complex multicultural environments in a manner that can best bridge differing cultural norms, language differences, concomitant systems of rewards and contextual knowledge.  
Whilst there are many examples of best practice approaches used to bridge the pathway partner relationship, most take an inside-out approach, building on what is sought and acceptable to the provider.  Factors such as engagement, ownership, intervention and outcomes are enablers sometimes overlooked by pathway providers as the international student attempts to successfully navigate their various pathway pipelines. 
Credit precedents are an essential and dynamic part of the international education pathway process and this session should be of interest to all involved in cross border pathway initiatives.