Choosing Wisely: Identifying Strategic Partners in a Changing Political Landscape 


Internationalisation is of growing significance worldwide with economic, political and social changes driving an increasingly global knowledge economy.  Internationalisation within the higher education sector continues to develop rapidly as institutions move from equating international strategy with international student recruitment  to developing mature internationalization agendas that incorporate students, teaching and learning, research, and capacity-building. One of the strategies for internationalisation is the development of new modalities for partnerships.  

Take always for leaders: Decision makers have to provide a rationale for establishing international partnerships. Its common practice that many universities sign empty agreements which are not scientifically supported. Choosing partnerships wisely is almost a pre-requisite for success. This session will illustrate that developing a scientific approach i.e. using data to support the identification of international partnerships will result in sustainable and performance enhancing relationships. 

The session will consider this topic from different geographical perspectives: Australia, the Netherlands and the UK.