Beyond Words:  A Three Continent Perspective on Building Strategic Partnerships


Building strategic relations with peer institutions is essential for research- intensive universities as they are facing increased pressure to build their international reputations. How does an ambitious global engagement strategy with set targets translate into real and sustainable partnerships? How to select the most impactful partnerships which can add value to the institution’s overall targets? How to secure organizational buy-in at all levels from leadership to the individual staff and student?
This session will examine international partnership frameworks employed by leading universities in three continents by providing models of successful partnering across research collaboration to student and staff mobility.
Together with the National University of Singapore the speakers have developed a concept for student mobility called ‘super partnerships’ which has resulted in cooperation with in research and academic staff exchange, too. 

The session will explore ‘priority partnership models’ that connect research and education and elaborate on how to build these ‘super partnerships’ within student mobility and gain academic buy in. 

Each speaker will provide unique perspectives in relation to their individual institutional aspirations and cultural contexts, outlining organizational structures ranging from the motivation of academics and students to the university leadership that contributed to the success of these key partnerships