Beyond Pizza and Kimbap: Campus Activities towards Student Empowerment


As campuses seem to focus even more attention on attracting what they would hope to consider both a diverse and uniquely international student body, how do those same universities ensure that their own student-engagement efforts remain relevant in what proves to be a technologically internationalized world?

This session focuses on how several international higher education campuses use strategic internationalization to engage students. These co-curricular campus activities aim to develop intercultural communication skills that are critical for a diverse student body. The presenters will showcase a number of relatable scenarios and adaptable critical dialogues, all while recommending best practices in order to captivate a globally-minded student body.  We will showcase specific efforts utilizing technology and intentional programming to engage on critical dialogues on socially-relevant issues and help build our campus towards a more socially aware society.  Help build your universities’ efforts to empower students in this “Age of Empowerment.”