10 Trends: Transformative Changes in Higher Education


With an increasingly integrated global economy in which employer demands are becoming greater considerations for universities, it’s helpful to step back and better understand the underlying factors dictating education priorities today. In this session, the panel will examine the major forces seen impacting the landscape of higher education – among them, demographics, education access and the growth of ‘edtech’ – to provide context for the changes we are seeing, on the ground, across the globe. How will an ageing East Asia impact possible student recruitment? How are national internationalisation policies influencing global mobility? 

The content of this session will be grounded in two recently-released British Council research reports: '10 Trends: Transformative changes in higher education' and 'Workforce of the Future: What Employers and Students Seek'. There will be a particular focus on student employability and the skills today’s quickly evolving workplace demands. Tech disruption and the acquisition of hard skills vs soft skills will be areas of panel discussion as the sector looks towards preparing a generation of students for a jobs market where the needed skills remain, to a degree, unknown.